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[IP] Re: Schedules

>With a diabetic child who must rise at 6:30 to got to school, because
>of insulin requirements the same child and parents must rise at 6:30
>on Sat and Sun + holidays.  The snacks, dinner, etc... must all
>follow the 'schedule'.  >Michael
>email @ redacted

    Me, personally, I never minded the tight schedule. I think it instilled
something good in me preparing for the life of work I had ahead of me. Early
to bed early to rise. . .  I think that is a good thing unless you have a
child that has no responsibilities. All kids need some. IMHO. I realize that
mostly the young ladies love to sleep in on the weekends but that was never
a problem for me most of the time. I always had something going on the
weekends or I was working.
    Even today, at 50, and hardly no responsibility I still get up at 5:00
AM, even on weekends. I would not change if I could. I have never missed
anything because I overslept. <BIG GRIN>

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