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Re: [IP] Lily's highs (was More on Humalog)

> >  Last night we switched to straight Velosulin to see 
> >  if we could get her straightened out but did not change the set. She 
> >  has been in the 200's all day. I talked to her on the phone just now 
> >  and she was 270 - 2 hours ago and bolused 6 units of V now she is 
> >  only 250.  She's changing her set
> Didn't you say earlier that Lily had started using her "upper backside" area
> for infusion?  Could be that her absorption is not so great there, thus the
> sluggish response to the 6 unit bolus.  Hope things are better for her now.
We considered that, but there was no subsequent low when even more 
insulin was put in.  She ended up doing another 6 units after she 
changed her set and that brought her down to 160 with about a 1unit 
pad left for a meal.  She ate and bolused more for the meal at 
midnight and finally stabalized about 2:00 am at 150. At 6:30 this 
morning she was 105.  She is still having trouble with highs today, 
she has a cold now so that may be messing things up as well.
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