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Re: [IP] Lily's highs (was More on Humalog)

In a message dated 98-03-09 22:45:31 EST, Michael writes:

>  Last night we switched to straight Velosulin to see 
>  if we could get her straightened out but did not change the set. She 
>  has been in the 200's all day. I talked to her on the phone just now 
>  and she was 270 - 2 hours ago and bolused 6 units of V now she is 
>  only 250.  She's changing her set

Didn't you say earlier that Lily had started using her "upper backside" area
for infusion?  Could be that her absorption is not so great there, thus the
sluggish response to the 6 unit bolus.  Hope things are better for her now.

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