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[IP] Chinese cuisine

I've been watching this with interest - but not quite understanding because I have been fortunate enough to not find Chinese food a problem.  I prefer very hot food - so that probably keeps me from the sugary sauces.  The capcaisen (sp? - the hot element of peppers) actually aids digestive motility, so those of us with gastroparesis have an added excuse for consumption.  I can't handle the fried foods, so I just avoid them.

I use arrowroot in sauces at home whenever I have miscalculated on the amount of time for a sauce reduction.  It is very similar to cornstarch, it thickens without as much additional cook time though.  I have not had any problems with the tablespoon it takes to thicken the 1 - 2 cups of sauce that will accompany an entrée.  It is CHO, but should not add measurably to the CHO of a meal.  A similar comment on the amount of sugar in commercial peanut butter - those 1 - 3 CHO are pretty negligible.  If you want to cover it though, great.  It's easy now that doses (MM anyway) go down to 0.1 units.

Take care,
Lori Eckrich
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

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