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RE: [IP] A1C and efficacy of regimen

> Michael,I'm with you on the kids on pumps issue.....I'm almost 43
> and diagnosed at 10....I met with a little girl not long ago  that
> was diagnosed...and showed her my pump...I was so excited, because I
> could only wish that I'd had a pump years ago......they( her
> parents) basically told me butt out......hurt me
> terribly.......there are several kids and parents that I've told
> about the pump....to no avail....

Yeah, it is almost unbelieveable that the parents don't seem to care 
enough to investigate further.

Lily has a friend her age that was diagnosed exactly a year before 
her. She visited Lily when she was first in the hospital and a number 
of times after.  Her parents aren't interested in the pump and the 
kid still takes 2 shots a day ( hoards candy etc... ).

Daisy (Lily's little sister 11 now) has a friend who was diagnosed 
about 6 months after Lily.  I see her mom occasionally at soccer or 
basketball for the kids. Kelly-Anne's parents are not interested in 
the pump and think she is doing fine on shots (3 a day).  What can 
you do??  The only convert I've managed was the father of one Daisy's 
team-mates on her soccer team.  He saw Lily with her pump a few times 
and finally asked me about it. Turns out he had been diabetic since a 
kid. He thought about it for 3-4 months and finally decided to get a 
507.  He stopped me a few months later at a game to thank me 
profusely for introducing him to the pump.  It was really an 
accident, I didn't even know he was diabetic.  Just goes to show.....

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