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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #152

     Anyone on 'self' insurance or in need of basic supplies:
     I just found a NEW box of MiniMed MMT-111 (Sof-set w/polyfin tubing 
     and antibacterial dressing, 42 inch tubing) with another 8-10 thrown 
     in for extras.
     I also found a box of 100 Smith + Nephew IB3000 High MVP Transparent 
     Dressing (#4007)
     If anyone would like these I'm willing to trade or give up or whatever 
     (I really really badly want one of those new meters but I think I'm 
      gonna have to wait till release).
     Please send me a private e-mail if you are interested.
     The box is at work in NYC for anyone in need who lives here.

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