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I'm an engineer and more accustomed to data gathering and manipulating than waxing philosophical - so please bear with me as I try.  I've mentioned before that I'm from a family with 5 docs, three nurses, a nurse anesthetist, a physical therapist,....  In general, I think that there are lots of great people in the health professions.  However, I have had some really awful experiences with a chosen few amongst the health profession - fir example, the turkey who diagnosed me (27 years ago) had a son with diabetes, so he knew it all.  Yet, when I went on the 1000 calorie exchange diet and brought back a morning urine with no sugar spilled, he accused me of taking someone elses urine (yeah right) or diluting it and adding food coloring.  To a 12 year old girl with the sort of growing up I'd had, lying was not an option, and being called a liar was devastating.  I did not ever talk to the man again.  He should have recognized a honeymoon period.  I am now mature enough to realize that each person needs to be recognized as an individual.  However, I still get frustrated sometimes (like my last trip to the gastroenterologist's ......).  If I were to come online immediately, or soon after one of those experiences, I might need to vent.  I think that since we don't see each others faces we sometimes vent more forcefully than we do "in person".  However, I don't think that any of us hate all medical professionals, and do in fact appreciate wholeheartedly the awesome tasks that are undertaken and completed.
Thanks for all you, and comrades in arms are able to help with,
Lori Eckrich
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

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