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Re: [IP] Halfway point


I never had the operation but I have suffered from carpul tunnel.  It
turned out to be a symptom of hypothyroidism. Once I started taking
synthroid it started easing up. It took me just about a year to
completely recover and lift weights as I normally did in the past. I
still wear a brace an am extremely careful. It was very paiinful-I
thought I broke my fingers.

Going off topic for a moment: With pesach just around the corner I'm
starting to get ready. I usually go to schicks for sugar free Pesach
cakes, but it is a shlep from Westchester were I live. Are there any
places in Queens just as good? I am strictly kosher.


email @ redacted wrote:
>      I realized today that in about a year I'll hit my 'halfway' point:
>      over half of my diabetic life on tne pump (the rest on multiple
>      injections).
>      Diagnosed in Nov '61:  diabetic  36 1/4 years
>      Pump in Jun '80:       pumping   almost 18 years.
>      Curious to know how many people on list have passed this point.
>      Also: anyone had Carpul Tunnel operation and then had to either repeat
>      or do something to 'calm down' their hands?  They are begining to hurt
>      again (I've got to either slow down my typing or start to USE Dragon
>      Dictate).
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/