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Re: [IP] Re: Abuse of Health Care Pros. . .

Judy and Everyone Else in the Health Profession:
   Kuddos to you. My hat is off. Without the profession we wouldn't have the
pump. We wouldn't have insulin. Better syringes. Glucose monitors etc... 

At one time, I wanted a doc that just said yes and no. Today, I want a doc
that will discuss different ways to approach bg levels. Thank God, we live in
America were we can choose the type of doc we go to.

I don't believe the docs are there to hold our hand, chastize us or make us do
what we don't want to do. It is up to each individual to get out of the
medical profession what they want or need. Sometimes it costs more, or is
harder to get but it is up to the diabetic to meet their needs. Too many of us
for too long just went to the doc and said, "fix me." 

To me, the medical profession is just like anything else in this world. You
filter through the bad, hang on to the good and add to your knowledge from
many other sources. You take what is applicable to yourself and be greatful
for what each individual gives you.

I'm reminded of a saying my friend uses regarding her profession as a lawyer,
"Everyone makes jokes, everyone critisizes, everyone can do it better but as
soon as your in trouble the lawyer is the first one you call."

I raise my pump to all of you in the medical profession. Thanks for helping.
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