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[IP] Dex (was:Meter accuracy)

Hi John,

I am using the Dex too and have since November.  The small size and
cartridges are great, but it is definitely the small amount of blood you
need that has me hooked!

As for accuracy,  I found that it ran slightly higher than the One Touch
Profile that I was using before.  I had some problems in the beginning but
talked to Bayer and they walked me through how to retest for accurancy
(take blood from separate places, always keep meter horizontal, don't
remove finger until it beeps).  Since then it is very consistent.  I do
keep an eye on it, because I know others do have concerns about the
accuracy.  I discussed this with an endo (not the last one, the one before)
and he said any variance was within acceptable limits, whatever that means.

All I know is that I have missed about 3 tests since I got it, which is an
amazing record for me.


>I think this is what I'm using: in Britain (and NZ) Bayer call it a
>Glucometer Esprit. It's got good and bad points.
>Mine gives whole blood, not plasma results.
>I like the 10 test cartridge. You just pick up your meter and go.
>I like the 100 test memory (and a bit of averaging at set times of the
>It's small, but not as small as my old BM Accutrend Mini (what's that
>called in the US? I think they've discontinued it)
>It uses tiny amounts of blood - just a speck.
>There is a PC link "about to come on the market"
>However, I have found it gives consistently lower results than my
>Accutrend Mini. To check this I tested on both meters at the same time
>for a while.
>It's also less accurate. It's within the legal limits for these
>machines, but if I test 3 times in succession, I will get slightly
>different readings.
>Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/