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[IP] Give up on forum

     >>Well Michael,  I was about ready to give up in this forum. I am not 
     >>trying to come across as a medical expert, I am not.  I'm a diabetic 
     >>before I am anything else.  I also can be wrong, and often am.  It 
     >>is seldom, however, that I've tried participating in a forum where 
     >>the participants are hostile towards healthcare workers
     I'm one of the most severe offenders (having been diabetic longest and 
     having gone through some severe lapses of thinking amoung medical 
     I DO NOT mean that ALL medical workers stink.  Note that I AM on a 
     pump, I AM using Humalog and I DO get lots of blood work from count 
     Dracula (and input on how to 'spice' it better). 
     My problem comes when a professional (and not ONLY a health care one, 
     but thats what this forum is for) doesn't know enough to say "I don't 

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