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Re: [IP] Meter accuracy

> I've been hearing good things about the new dex meter from bayer coroporation.
> It does anylize(or something like that) plasma which results in about 10-15
> percent higher readings. The meter uses 10 strip cartridges and uses very
> small amounts of blood. It does averages for which you set up for certain
> times and is very compact.

I think this is what I'm using: in Britain (and NZ) Bayer call it a
Glucometer Esprit. It's got good and bad points.

Mine gives whole blood, not plasma results.

I like the 10 test cartridge. You just pick up your meter and go.
I like the 100 test memory (and a bit of averaging at set times of the
It's small, but not as small as my old BM Accutrend Mini (what's that
called in the US? I think they've discontinued it)
It uses tiny amounts of blood - just a speck.
There is a PC link "about to come on the market"

However, I have found it gives consistently lower results than my
Accutrend Mini. To check this I tested on both meters at the same time
for a while.
It's also less accurate. It's within the legal limits for these
machines, but if I test 3 times in succession, I will get slightly
different readings.

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