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Re: [IP] Re: drawbacks

The 42 is not one of the "unscienticfic" formula.  It is right out of Pumping
Insulin Manual.  Please look it up.  This is the # you divide by after
subtracting 100 from your BG reading.  For example, this am I was 266!  I
subtracted 100==166.  I then took 166 and divided it by 42, which gives me my
bolus of 3.9.  My BG at 2:35 this am woke me up.  It was 34.  I had a high
yesterday of 474, bolus 7 units at 9 pm and then the results were an extreme
hypoglycemic reaction.  I had to change my tubing, etc. We are in trouble here
in Northwest Indiana.  We're snowed in, no electricity until after 1 pm and no
phone.  My heat didn't come on until noon.  My basement has standing water
because the emergency generator didn't work. Oh, well, it could have been
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/