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Re: [IP] A1C and efficacy of regimen

> The quality of life is so much 
> better for a pumper, you know all the reasons.... the same is true for a 
> pumpers family. I know that my wife and I are much happier and less 

This is causing me a great deal of heart searching as well. Minimed have
only ever sold 50 (yes, fifty) pumps in Britain amongst 60 million
people, and I presume Disetronic is much the same. That's the level of
ignorance. Since pumping I've been seeing as many doctors as possible to
spread the word. They're all genuinely impressed and ignorant. I've been
asked to give a seminar to the staff at the local major diabetes clinic.
Perhaps something might start moving.


Michael, you and I clearly place a very high value on this fantastic
increase in quality of life. Is it just possible that others don't for
very valid reasons? I long ago accepted that I am not a 'typical'
person: I chose an unusual career, I have unusual tastes, I set
different priorities, I do my own thing, I challenge the system, and I'm
happy. Others are happy when they're being passive, even though they're
not living life to the full.

I remain angry that no-one told me years ago that this quality of life
could be purchased at such modest cost. That's the fault of ignorance.
But do all diabetics necessarily value this as highly as we do?


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