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Re: [IP] A1C and efficacy of regimen


I'm glad you replied to this, because I was starting to get an itchy trigger
finger ;-).

I do have a question, though: Can you provide the reference for your HbA1c
formula?  Or is it an empirical one?

Also, from what I understand, the nonlinear nature of the glycosylation
process tends to cause HbA1c readings to more closely reflect the overall BG
levels (area under the curve) for the last 30 days or so, rather than 90
(which is simply the average life span of a red blood cell).

At 19:43 3/9/98 +0000, Michael wrote:
>I disagree. The hbA1c measures the glucose molecules that stick to 
>hemoglobin.  This is a non-linear process, it is not simply an 
>average of highs and lows.  A few highs that last awhile cause a lot 
>of damage as opposed to a few short peaks. The lows don't really do 
>much at all.
>A simple formula converts the hbA1c to the sort-of-average your 
>talking about.
>HbA1c*33.3-86=avg glucose
>you will find that this is quite a bit higher than the average you 
>see on your meter.  That is because of the sticky effect of the 
>glucose molecule.  Basically it is a measure of the glucose stuck to 
>the red blood cells that are alive in your body.  Since they are 
>replaced completely about every 90 days, this gives an overall 
>indication of the level of control.  
>Don't mistake my point, I am not advocating big swings in bg.  Simply 
>that the HbA1c is a more sophisticated measure of control than simply 
>looking at your bg's even if you test a lot.

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