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Re: "Doctor-Bashing" (was)[IP] A1C and efficacy of regimen

Michael & Judy:
      Hey, this is great - everyone's echoing my sentiments this morning, so I
can be less verbose for a change!!...Just wanted to "second" Michael's
comments to you Judy....if I disparage any medical personnel, it's done to
illustrate that we (and I DO consider myself part of Melissa's "team") who
"live" with the pump are often better equipped to "trouble shoot" than are
(unfortunately) the vast majority of medical people who have less than a
passing familiarity with the intracacies of an insulin pump.  I also consider
the tremendous input we receive from this group to be yet another essential
tool in "fine-tuning" Melissa's diabetes.  Doctors are intrinsically
accustomed to looking at cold, hard facts....and the cold, hard facts of
"Pumperism 101" are that many of its most amazing benefits are "intangible" -
i.e not found on a graph, or a scientific study. Michael's comments about the
impact on his entire family (which I know Rose & I would agree to 100%) or the
comments other pumpers have mentioned about how "much nicer" they are to their
spouses & children since giving up MDI aren't (unfortunately) given enough
credence by the medical community in general.
     Oh well - so much  for thinking I wouldn't be as "wordy" as usual!! LOL

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