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[IP] Re: Abuse of Health Care Pros. . .

>Well Michael,  I was about ready to give up in this forum. I am not trying
>come across as a medical expert, I am not.  I'm a diabetic before I am
>anything else.  I also can be wrong, and often am.  It is seldom, however,
>that I've tried participating in a forum where the participants are hostile
>towards healthcare workers

    We are not ALL hostile at ALL healthcare professionals. Just those that
have seemed to have lost all their common sense. The ones that I know you
have encountered that pull some of these ignorant acts that we see clearly
is not in our best interests. There are these types in all walks of life, it
makes no difference where you look.
    There are some (at least one) in the group that goes for blood at most
all of them. I won't mention any names but she was born 6/27/63. <big grin>
    Incidentally, I hold you in high regard as with my other experts, Ted,
and Bob, and Mary Jean, and you too have a folder of your own in my mail
program. Keep up the good work.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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