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RE: [IP] A1C and efficacy of regimen

Michael,I'm with you on the kids on pumps issue.....I'm almost 43 and diagnosed at 10....I met with a little girl not long ago  that was diagnosed...and showed her my pump...I was so excited, because I could only wish that I'd had a pump years ago......they( her parents) basically told me butt out......hurt me terribly.......there are several kids and parents that I've told about the pump....to no avail.....I APPLAUD YOU.....for your efforts concerning your daughter......
keep it going........and thanks for this list.......it's the best......

RHonda....type 1.....pumping.....and loving life with diabetes....

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, JUDY102 wrote:

> Well Michael,  I was about ready to give up in this forum. I am not trying to
> come across as a medical expert, I am not.  I'm a diabetic before I am
> anything else.  I also can be wrong, and often am.  It is seldom, however,
> that I've tried participating in a forum where the participants are hostile
> towards healthcare workers.   Mistakes have been made in every area of my
> life, from financial to physical to personal, but I don't get angry at all
> lawyers, doctors,nurses, construction workers, etc.  I have only tried to
> share my many experiences with others, while searching for answers to my own
> questions about my disease.  I get scared and confused on occasion, but I
> always know there is someone out there, somewhere, who is willing to give me a
> hand.
> Judy P. RN, BSN
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
Oh, no one is picking on individuals, but there are some horror stories.
There has to be someone or somewhere to vent one's frustrations. There 
are a lot of medical professionals who are simply not up to date or 
perhaps are restrained by management from providing the best care for 
diabetics. I was astounded when Stanford Medical Center Pediatric Endo's 
told me they new NOTHING about insulin pumps. They still don't even after 
I have spent time (many times) trying to bring them into the present 
and illuminating the advantages of pump thearpy for kids. The docs there are 
very nice and caring and all that, just behind the times. 
I haven't figured it out. 

The endo I finally found for Lily was reluctant to put her on the pump 
but I was very determined and kind of bullied my way through.  He is a 
very nice man and has 500 or so patients in his practice who are pumpers. 
Lily has been on the pump three years now and is still his youngest 
pumping patient.  His practice (several docs) has referred several 
parents of kids around Lily's age to me but none have followed up and/or 
started pumping .... strange.

The quality of life is so much 
better for a pumper, you know all the reasons.... the same is true for a 
pumpers family. I know that my wife and I are much happier and less 
stressed out now that we don't have to provide the 'diabetic regimen' for 
our daughter -- even though we only had to do it for 6 months -- it was a 
royal pain.  This doesn't seem to be a consideration for docs when 
looking at treatment options.  Keep'm alive and forget 'em.  Not QUALITY 
of life FIRST!  Did I miss something here?? Sorry to ramble, but the 
whole purpose of the Insulin-Pumpers web site and mail list for me is to
SPREAD THE WORD so some other kid (and parents) will not have to live in 
diabetic hell for any length of time.

Anyway, it seems to me that the continuing education that most board 
certified docs get simply does not cover the obvious benefits of pumping, 
probably in general but most certainly it's not covered at all for kids 
and their families.

Does any of this make sense?? ? I have only experienced this second hand 
since my daughter is the diabetic, but it was very frustrating to find 
out by accident that a superior treatment option was available only to 
either find ignoranc, a lack of interest or discouragement when seeking 
additional information and treatment for Lily.  I think the general theme 
of this thread has been all the terrible stories folks rember about their 
frustrations facing the same things over the years and NOW.

Don't worry Judy, we love you, your not one of THEM!! heh... heh...:-}

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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