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[IP] More on Humalog

> > Last night I had jumbo shrimp in a sweet, spicy sauce with white rice.  I
> >  >square waved for 1.5 hours and had 5 units of lispro. I usually have 1
> >  >unit per 20 carbs at dinner time. It took about 30 minutes to eat.  2
> >  >hours later my BGs were 221(I took a supplement of lispro to bring it
> >  >down; 1.5 units) and at 3 a.m. they were 330!  Obviously that solution
> >  >didn't work.
> >  >
> >  >The last time I had a similar chinese meal I skipped the square wave and
> >  >my BGs were high for about five hours.  I'm sorry to bother you with
> >  >this, but I really need an answer.  Sometimes I wish I was on the
> >  >pumper's list, but the amount of e-mail I got was too much to handle.

There is something still VERY FUNNY ABOUT HUMALOG that we do not 
understand.  Lily is still experiencing problems like this.  They 
went away after we started mixing, but now they have come back again. 
For the last couple of days she has complained of mild nausea after 
large boluses.  Last night we switched to straight Velosulin to see 
if we could get her straightened out but did not change the set. She 
has been in the 200's all day. I talked to her on the phone just now 
and she was 270 - 2 hours ago and bolused 6 units of V now she is 
only 250.  She's changing her set - is the site Humalog corrupted???

Don't know, but there is definetly something not right.  We will 
expriment with V mixes, maybe 50-50, but for now we must concentrate 
on stabalizing her bg's again.  The last two HbA1c's have been in the 
low to mid 7's , up from mid 6's. This is all since going on Humalog. 
 The first HbA1c after Humalog was nice and low, but it was the only 

I'll keep you posted
email @ redacted
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