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[IP] A1C and efficacy of regimen

In a message dated 98-03-07 00:58:03 EST, Judy writes:

>  Your child's hemoglobin A1C's will indicate to both you and your
>  doctor how well the present regimen is working.  

Not really.  The A1c is only an average of your highs and lows and gives
absolutely no idea as to how well a regimen is or is not working.  Only by
looking at the log books (if kept) and seeing that highs are not in fact being
balanced out by lows will a doctor have any idea if a regimen is working.

Sorry to argue with a professional - especially a diabetic one, but I have had
my share of GREAT A1Cs that were marred by my knowledge that my at-the-time
so-called regimen SUCKED and consisted mainly of over insulinating myself to
cover for a high and then eating the refrigerator to make up for that. 

Sara - who would not want to be a doctor or a nurse for all the tea in china,
and aren't you all GLAD!!!  
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