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Re: [IP] Highs on humalog

Ted wrote:

> Bob,
> Thank you so much for writing back to me about your problems with Humalog.
> I'd like to hear what your doctor tells you about it.  I've had such highs
> after meals since I've been on Humalog.  Is there a test to see if I'm alergic
> to it?  I'm now on set dosages of H/R for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I
> also take NPH at lunch and Bedtime.  I'm worried that I'm mixing too many
> different insullins in my needle for lunch.  When I have a high it gets up to
> 400 or over, usually after dinner.  I've never had such highs before I went on
> Humalog.  

Humalog is NOT supposed to be mixed with NPH, they mix too well and the 
Humalog is slowed down while the NPH is speeded up. Regular DOES keep distinct 
from NPH. Yes, I'd say you DO have too many kinds of insulin, especially at
dinner, and possibly at lunch.

Humalog doesn't average it's affect with Lente or UltraLente, but R will.

I can only imagine if I went on the pump and I had problems with
> Humalog then.

OK, but on a pump you will use ONLY Humalog (or R or Velosulin), NOT
a mixture, which I believe is the source of your problem, at least in part.

 What reactions have you had with the Humalog exactly????    I
> can't find what someone wrote earlier for the reason why the highs can be so
> high on Humalog.  Can that person write it back in PLEASE.  It was a short
> explanation I want to give my doctor soon.  Thanks for everyones help!!

It's the nature of it's timing, as I understand it. Humalog goes to work
fast and finishes fast as well, but a large high shrugs it off. You need
something (such as R) that will stick around longer to reduce that mountain
to a molehill.....
(Not the explanation you were looking for, just my personal interpretation).

Or, to put it another way, have you ever tried moving a large rock using 
a pointed tool, as opposed to using a mallet?

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 41+ years

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