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Re: [IP] New Diet


This will put you and other diabetics in what is known as starvation ketosis.
Your blood sugars may be great, but the body MUST have about 150 grams of REAL
Carb JUST to run the engine.  If the brain/heart/liver/etc dont't get it in
the easy to use form of CHO, it starts to break down muscle and organ and
other proteins - similar to going into DKA, but there is no glucose floating
around making your sugars high.

The weight loss due to the same reasons as DKA : dehydration and loss of
muscle tissues.  If a person on this type of diet were to do a keto-stick -
they'd find lots and lots of ketones in their urine.  Also, the metabolism
slows down

Yeah, you'll lose weight, but not many people will stay on this type of diet
long without feeling some ill effects, or giving up - I mean how long can you
avoid fresh strawberries...or a nice fresh out of the oven croissant...and
just a spoonful of Ben and Jerry's???

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