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[IP] New Diet

Having had some form of Diet therapy since the age of 10 (like so many of us),
I have a better understanding of diets and food than the average Joe. Many of
my friends come to me with questions about the latest fad diets. Most, I can
dismiss as rubish. But this latest one has my eyebrows raised.

Does anyone know about it?

It is a high protein diet, supposedly organized by 3 docs. One is a
cardiologist, placing his patients on this diet. Another has placed diabetics
with good results to bg control on it. 

The diet calls for little to no carbohydrates or fruits. The theory is that
those cause the bod to put out insulin thus storing the carbs into fat. 

The diet has helped people to lose weight (they say fat rather than muscle). I
know people who've lost but how bad for a diabetic or anyone else could it be?

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/