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[IP] Accu-check complete pump

While being trained on my pump last week, my diabetes educator called in
the Boehringer-Mannheim rep who gave me and my partner each AccuCheck
Complete meters, a three month supply of strips (he doesn't know yet how
many times each day we're testing! boy, is he in for a surprise!) and
the promise of a fax moden so that we can fax our readings to the endo. 
It's really is a great meter, though I've yet to learn all that it
does.  I can preprogram my basal rates, and each bg can be tagged with
info such as exercise, stress, feel hypo, bolus, etc.  It then stores
all this info and can produce a graph, a chart of averages and much
more.  It's going to retail (I was told) for about $120 with many
rebates.  The strips are the same as you use for the other AccuCheck
meters, so they won't be more expensive.  It is being tested around the
country through various diabetologists, each one getting six meters. 
Press your endo to be included in the field testing.
Vicki McDonald
New Haven, CT
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/