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Re: [IP] Buddy's problem, heh.... heh...

>     The peanut butter I have has sugar in it and only increased my BG. From
> what you said you had just plane mashed peanuts? Rosie (my better half) told
> me she used to get that in town but had not seen any in a while. Will have
> to see but finding it will most likely be like finding "falling prices" at
> Walmart!
> Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

Ummm, yes. I didn't mash/grind the peanuts myself -- they have a machine at
the grocery store that does that -- but that's all there was/is to the
peanut butter. Nuttier consistency than the super-processed stuff like
Skippy. And no sugar. 

You can also buy brands that are just peanuts (and maybe salt) -- you'll
recognize them by the separate layer of peanut oil floating on top. You
need to mix that back in -- I do it by turning the jar upside down. When
it's mixed together, if you keep it in the fridge it won't separate.

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