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[IP] Members Directory List - (28 members)

Hi Gang,
In a February email I asked anyone interested in being placed on an
alphabetical list including some basic info for easy access to email me. The
following is the list I put together. 

If you would like to be included on this list, please EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at
email @ redacted    DO NOT hit reply. DO NOT post corrections or updates to the
list. That will get way to confusing.

The basic information that I am looking for is at the bottom of the list.


Insulin Pumpers Directory List
Updated March 9, 1998

Bill Van Antwerp
V.P. Chief Scientific Officer
MiniMed Inc
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylmar CA 91342
Phone 818 362 5958 x 2913
Fax 	818 364 2246
email 	email @ redacted 

Albert R. "Buddy" Barber
2335 FM 92
Woodville, Texas   75979-9648
(409) 283-2253
email @ redacted 
DX'ed July 1?, 1959  (approx 1 month post 12th b/day)
MM 507 1/06/97    Velosulin  11:1
heart attacks    3
heart disease    angioplasty X2  stints X2
married - 30 years 1/1/98
2 boys (adopted) 22/16

Crystal Carrier
DOB: 5/21/54
Washington, Mich
Tele: 810-781-4505
Email: email @ redacted (Crystal Carrier 
Dxnd: 7/68
Pump Type and Start Date: MM 506 4/96
Insulin: Humalog
I had two children while on 1-2 shot a day regimen ( before meters); have
had multiple laser txms to eyes, neuropathy, surgery X10 for trigger
finger, proteinuria, low Hgb (from low production of EPO in kidneys, taking
ProCrit); and Hashimotos (sp?) disease 

Tammy Cervantes
DOB: Aug.15,1965
Galveston, Texas
(409) 740-0816
email @ redacted (Cervantes, Tammy S.)
Dxnd: March 03,1983
Pump: MM 506: Sept. 1995
I have personal experience with : Diabetes and Pregnancy, Adhesives ,
beginning stage to Neuropathy, trouble with hypoglycemia.

Joy Cottle
DOB: 12-Nov-71
New Zealand
Email: email @ redacted (Joy)
Dxnd: 18-Oct-92
Pump Type and Start Date:  Minimed 507 Feb 98
Insulin:  Actrapic
I have personal experience with: Diabetes and Pregnancy, Neuropathy, Insulin
resistance, 'brittle' control

Becky Draper
DOB:  1/10/59
Hammond, WI
Tele:  715-796-8883
Email: email @ redacted 
Dxnd: 1/25/77
Pump Type and Start Date:  Minmed 507, start any day now
Insulin:  Humolog/ NPH  (Humolog only on the pump)
I have personal experience with:  1 pregnancy, miscarried.  (hence, no
kids), some beg stages of Kidney problems.

Katie Dubravec
Houston, TX
(281) 855-7233
Email: email @ redacted 
DOB: 2/5/66
Dxnd: May 1976
Pump: Disetronic Dec.16, 1996
Insulin: Humalog
Beginning stages of Diabetic Retinopathy

Ruth Elowitz
DOB:  11/30/66
Berkeley, CA
Tele:  (510) 528-2097
email @ redacted 
Dxnd:  11 years
Pump:  First Pump-AutoSyringe November 1982.     Have had a version of the
Minimed since 1983ish.
Insulin:  Mix Velosulin and Humalog
I have personal experience with Neuropathy, gastroparesis, hypoglycemia

Sara Falconer
DOB:    6/27/none of your dam bidness (early 60s)
Tele:   212-258-2699
Dxnd:   April 1974
Pump:   507 - started w/506 3/1/93
Insulin:  Velosulin regular 
I have personal experience with: Diabetes and Surgery, Retinopathy,
Vitrectomy, imparied kidney function, drug test studies

Forrest J. Green
DOB:  12/16/71
City, State: Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Tele:  (734) 994-6367
email @ redacted
Dxnd:  November, 1992
Pump:  Disetronic, January 18th, 1998
Insulin:  Humalog
I currently have no complications..

Rosalind Kopfstein
DOB:1/2/49 (49 y.o)
Foxboro, MA
email @ redacted (Rosalind Kopfstein)
Dxnd:1966 (at age 17)
Pump: MM 507. Started 2/95
Insulin: Humalog
Unfortunately - familar with carpal tunnel syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma, mild

Nancy Ludwig
Born 1-29-72
Live in Xenia, Ohio
Tel 937-372-8888
email @ redacted (Nancy Ludwig)
Dx'd  7-1986 at age 14
MM 507 pumper   Started on December 9th, 1997
AND I have personal experience with one miscarriage and one
healthy eleven and a half pound pregnancy, a baby girl.

Rodney Mead
DOB: May 20,1956
Omaha, NE
tele: 402-341-4446	
email @ redacted
email @ redacted 
Dxnd: May 20, 1978
Pump:	Disetronic H-TRON PLUS V-100	Oct 5,1979
Insulin: VelosulinBR
EXPERIENCES: I have autonomic gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying)

Jodi Muirhead
DOB:   11/21/64
Santa Clara, California
Email: email @ redacted
Dxnd:  4/13/90
Minimed 507 started 9/97, Minimed 504 started 9/92
Insulin:  Humalog and Velosulin Regular
I have personal experience with: Diabetes and Pregnancy (twins born 3/18/93), 

Randall D. Nilson
DOB: 10/25/62
925 E. 3400 N.
North Ogden, UT 84414-3209
day (801)777-0554
eve (801)782-0861
Diag: Dec 1995
email @ redacted (Randy Nilson)
Pump: Minimed 507  Jun 1997

Judy Pruitt
1171 Csokasy Ln
Hobart, IN 46342
46 yrs old
Dx : April of '88
Pump: July of '96
Participated in DCCT for 8 yrs
DKA four times
No complications even though I was in the control part of the DCCT study.  
Registered Nurse, practicing..Doing oncology.  

Mary Jean Renstrom (email @ redacted)
DOB:  5-23-62
Boise, ID
Tele:  208-322-7971
Email: email @ redacted 
Dxnd:  April 23, 1990
MiniMed 507, Jan. 28, 1997
Insulin: Velosulin
No complications to date.  I am a member of the IP-developers list, and am
involved in developing the insulin pumper's website. 

Lori Richman
DOB: 2-20-58	
Wilton, Connecticut
email @ redacted 
Minimed 507-started about 1 1/2 years ago on 507-but have been pumping
            for 9+ years on minimed and other pumps
I have experience with: Diabetes and pregnancy

Betsy Sale (mom)/ Stephanie Sale (soon to be pumper...Mar 98)
DOB: 6-14-89
City, State:  Colorado Springs, CO
Tele: (719) 592-9542
email @ redacted (bsale)
Dxnd: 1-27-94
Pump Type, Start Date: Minimed 507, March 98
Insulin: NPH and Humalog now, H for her pump
I, Betsy, have experince with kids and diabetes and convincing one stubborn
endo that a kid can pump!

Debra Scales
DOB: 03/29/62
Austin, TX
email @ redacted (Debbie Scales)
Dxnd: 1980
Pump: MiniMed 507 Oct. 1997
Insulin: Humalog
I have personal experience with: , Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Gastroparesis
(etc., ha ha)

Julie Epstein Sears
DOB:  7/25/58
Santa Barbara, CA
Tele: 805/967-0307 (eves)
(805) 893-3678
(805) 893-8830 FAX 
email @ redacted (Julie Sears)
Dxnd: age 8 (1967)
Pump Type and Start Date: n/a--researching this now
Insulin: regular and nph
I have personal experience with retinopathy (severe) and ace inhibitor for
beginning of
kidney probs.   carpel tunnel in both hands which has been diagnosed as a type
Janine Shea
DOB:  January 6, 1966
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dxnd:  June 26, 1979
Pump:  Minimed 506, Dec 18, 1984
Insulin:  Humulin R
email @ redacted

Marti Smith
DOB: 5/4/52
City, State:  Maumee, OH
Email: email @ redacted
Dxnd: 7/65 (age 13) 32+ years of experience and still learning!
Pump: Minimed 507  6/97
Insulin: Humolog
I have had experience with pregnancy-25 years ago, Retinopathy-laser &
vitrectomies, neuropathy-feet & hands, vascular disease-aortic & femoral
bypass, frozen joints, both shoulders, and then there are the non-diabetic
health issues!!!

Rhonda Tyo
City, State:New Haven,WV
email @ redacted (Rhonda Tyo)
Dxnd:March 1966
Pump:mini-med 506, April 22,1996
Insulin:Velosolin BR
2 pregnancies (20 years ago..) Have also dealt with Diabetic retinopathy....

Charlene D. Vilsaint 
DOB: 1/31/73
Philadelphia, PA
Shorty email @ redacted 
Dxnd: 7/90 - TYPE 1
Pump: MINIMED 507 2/27/98
Insulin: Regular & NPH
I have personal experience with diabetes and pregnacy.  I have an 8 month old

Carol Wasson
Union City, IN 
Tele:765 9647925
email @ redacted
Pump: 11/97
I have personal experience with: Diabetes and Pregnancy, 

Janet Wiener
DOB: 1966
City, State: Sunnyvale, CA
Email: email @ redacted (Janet Wiener)
Dxnd: 1983
Pump Type and Start Date: Minimed 506 since January, 1995
Insulin: Humalog
I have personal experience with: Diabetes and Pregnancy

Glenn Yoder    
DOB:    9-6-32
Foster City CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Tele:  Voice (650)341-6466   Fax (650)341-8535
email @ redacted 
Dxnd:  September 1960
Pump:  MiniMed 507   April 1994
Insulin:  Humalog
I have personal experience with: Diabetes, Neuropathy, Retinopathy,
Nephropathy, Heart Disease

Email to: email @ redacted
City, State:
Pump type and start date:
I have personal experience with: Diabetes and Pregnancy, Neuropathy,
Retinopathy etc... . 

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/