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RE: [IP] Hooked up for 1 week

Vicki - I was hooked up last Tuesday and although I don't think I had the
training you had, I am pretty comfortable with the new machinery and
procedures.  I changed my infusion site on Saturday and after 3 sets, alot of
aggravation, and 2 calls to MiniMed, I got it right!  Like you, I already feel
so much more in control of my body...it's a terrific step forward!  Do you
think that all the other insulins - I was taking regular, ultralente, and NPH
in a day's time,  and number of injections kept pounds on?  I know we now have
the freedom to eat when and what we want and that in itself is a bonus!  
Sue Gordon
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Last Monday, I started my training for the pump and have been pumping
for a whole week now.  My insulin requirements have dropped by 50% and
I've lost 9 pounds (just to show you that multiple injections are not
the answer -- I was always shooting more insulin, bg's dropping, and
eating more to try to keep level).  I spent the week with my
diabetologist, Dr. Edward Etkind, my diabetes educator, Emily
Keane-Layman, and my pump partner, Jim Veilette.  Aside from sore
fingers from hourly bg tests, I feel so much better.  Emily and Dr.
Etkind have prepared my for almost every possibility, and while I still
have daily contact with them, I feel I can see where adjustments need to
be made at the same time they do.  It's given me a new sense of control
and freedom.  It was intense, exhausting training, but worth every
second of it.  Now why didn't I do this sooner?
Vicki McDonald
New Haven, CT
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/