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Re: [IP] New Meter Trial

Would this by chance be the Accu-Chek Complete meter?  If so, Boehringer has
now released it to the general public.  It is shipping to a few pharmacies,
two of which are Phar-Mor and Walgreen's.

After accosting the manager at my local Walgreen's, however, I found out
that I probably won't see one on store shelves for at least 2 weeks.  They
don't consider BG meters to be "hot" items, so they're just drop-shipped
from the warehouse to random pharmacies at random intervals.

If this is the meter you're being given the opportunity to try out, take two
and send me one!  ;-)

At 16:52 3/6/98 EST, Cindy wrote:
>Hi Gang!
>I was so excited I just wanted to share the news.  I got a call from my CDE
>this morning.  She has 6 meters that are not yet available to the public that
>need to be tested.  I was selected to be on the trial for this new meter.
>This meter is supposed to be great for diabetics on pumps.  I guess it has
>loads of features for pumpers and can be hooked up to your computer (like the
>profile).  I go to the hospital this Wednesday to pick it up.  I will write
>more when I get the meter in my hands and tell you all of the neat options on
>Have a great weekend :-)

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