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My primary care physician discouraged me from the pump as well. My endo
discussed pump therapy the first time I met her. I believe the PCP was not
well informed. He now is quite impressed with my A1c. 

I stayed with him for several reasons, mainly b/c he would refer me to
specialists which is often difficult in this insurance game we all play.

If you really want to stay with the endo (Although I would encourage you to
find one that has more experience with the pump. Sounds like you've out grown
this one.) then educate her. Bring her documentation and testamoney from the
many people on this list. Not only can you achieve tight control but can do it

My endo loves the information (in summary form) that I bring her from the
experiences of the people on this list. She is constantly open to learn about
ways to control this disease.

Good luck, Katie
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