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Re: [IP] Soft sets vs Silohuettes??

The silohuette is identical to the following. 
Comfort Set and the TenderSet.   Comfort Set is a trademark of
Maersk Medical. Tender Set is a trademark of 
Disetronic Medical Systems, Inc. 
Disetronic is a European company with the 
main office in Switzerland
see:  http://www.disetronic.ch/a_organ.htm

I am sure you can get one of the other two in Europe. I understand they 
are all made by one company anyway.


On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, John Neale wrote:

> > For me there is no comparison, The silohuette is the only choice!
> Rona,
> Please spare a thought for us unfortunates in Europe! I've been using
> Sof-sets. I have to use SkinPrep to avoid an allergy rash to the tape. I
> rang Minimed in Germany (my local office) to ask for some samples of
> Silhouettes, and some IV3000. They'd never heard of Silhouettes and the
> IV3000 wouldn't be available for at least 2 months!!! I rang Minimed in
> the US, and they said they'd send me some straight away. The next day
> they rang back - sorry, we're not allowed to send them to Europe!
> Anyone know what's going on? Are these things so dangerous that only
> Americans can use them or what?
> John
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