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Re: [IP] Soft sets vs Silohuettes??

> For me there is no comparison, The silohuette is the only choice!


Please spare a thought for us unfortunates in Europe! I've been using
Sof-sets. I have to use SkinPrep to avoid an allergy rash to the tape. I
rang Minimed in Germany (my local office) to ask for some samples of
Silhouettes, and some IV3000. They'd never heard of Silhouettes and the
IV3000 wouldn't be available for at least 2 months!!! I rang Minimed in
the US, and they said they'd send me some straight away. The next day
they rang back - sorry, we're not allowed to send them to Europe!

Anyone know what's going on? Are these things so dangerous that only
Americans can use them or what?


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