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[IP] Non-Kosher breakfast and other medical mishaps

     > But about the non-kosher breakfast....  Didn't you say it was a 
     > Jewish hospital??  Surely they didn't try to give you bacon or
     > something like that?
     > Mary Jean
     The fact that the name is "Long Island Jewish" reflects that some kind 
     people who donated a lot of money (and time) to get the thing rolling 
     did this in honor of their family members (I think this is how it 
     Currently, kosher is on a by patient only and this is a VERY limited 
     definition of Kosher.  I guess you could say I'm the other side of the 
     coin (I know I am not the only hassidic Jewish person on an Insulin 
     pump but I may be only one actively engaged in on-line things).
     One thing I have learned about emergency rooms: they treat one 
     horribly WITHOUT regard to age, sex, religion or any other standard.  
     They are, by far, the MOST equal rights cognizant organization I know 
     of (patients have NONE).
     OH WELL: I'm going to try to stay away from this topic for another 
     year or so...

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