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[IP] Pump Not Delivering Through The Night

Thanks for the input on my question about trying to determine why some nights
my pump seems not to deliver insulin during the night.  Some nights I get a No
Delivery Alarm.  When that has gone off, I've gotten up and there is 1/3 to
1/2 of insulin left in the syringe (approx 50 - 60 units).  I did get a No
Delivery Alarm the other morning.  I have lost my brush (to clean the pump),
so I blew into the pump (by the lead screw) and that took care of the alarm.
I've ordered another brush.

I still think the problem has to do with my sleeping, as this only happens at
night.  I use Humalog, but often I eat around 6:00 and will not eat again
until the next morning, but not always.  I do not think my blood sugar is
dropping, but I am going to start testing at 3:00 am again.

I was using the 42" tubing with a lot of the tubing exposed.  I toss and turn
a lot and I think I was laying on the tubing and sometimes laying on the pump,
too and either perhaps pulling at the cannula (when I tossed and turned)  or
the laying on the tubing/pump caused a constriction.  Has anyone else had a
similar problem with the tubing?  If not, I may need to find another problem.
My readings at 3:00 may help in this.  (However, when I tested them before
they were always like 120, 124, so that is why I did not think my readings
were dropping.)  I have changed to the shorter tubing and also wear the pump
at night in the belter, so that it is in a pack velcrowed on my waist.  I've
only used one short set, but the last couple of nights everything worked okay.
I am going to test at 3 for several weeks and see how everything goes with the
shorter tubing.  Any other ideas that anyone has to offer are appreciated.  I
did recheck my basals and they were the same as what was programmed before the
alarms.  Thanks a lot for the input I've already received.

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