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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #149

     In responce to my 'elder brother' buddy (though not by very much and 
     I'm pretty sure I've got you beat on years total and certain on years 
     on pump)
     >Sara will have a Barbie doll with your name on it sticking rusty 
     >nails and pins. . . . LOL
     I have a kit for making dolls of doctors into which any medical device 
     which has been used on oneself can be inserted (as painfully as 
     possible) for their OWN enjoyment.  I also am an expert at choosing 
     the WRONG site for an IV so if anyone needs advice as to what'll be 
     worse for them than what they did to .....
     > I completely agree that especially today it is very difficult for 
     > the medical community to stay abreast of all the new and innovative 
     > products and procedures that are blessing us. 
     Then the medical staff of hospitals and Drs offices should minimally 
     know enough to say "I don't know about this, you should find a doctor 
     who does".
     >It takes a special person, and one with special interests to focus on 
     >one particular aspect. (I am really straining this "hick" education) 
     >I think we should consider ourselves lucky when we happen to meet one 
     >of these professionals that have concentrated on exactly what we need 
     >and were at the right place in time to meet them. 
     I'll give you many points on this, but, again, if a Doctor don't know 
     he shouldn't fake it.  I have (thank G-d) had doctors tell me they 
     didn't know, weren't sure, etc and that I should get to an xxxxx or 
     maybe ask xxxxx about things.  I've also had doctors who 'promised' a 
     'cure' (sorry, no money back guarentees).
     ---- off topic, page here if no interest ------
     >This old world may not be the best place to live all the time but it 
     >is a Great place most of the time. Praise the Lord you were lucky 
     >enough to make it to this point. I do. . . . .
     Absolutely.  Bless his name that we are here today and NOT 35 years 
     ago (and if anyone wants to know the difference, please feel free to 
     send an e-mail to me).  
     I am firmly of the belief that nothing is of chance, that G-d makes 
     all things happen to the tiniest of degree.  Why one has diabetes and 
     one does not most of us cannot guess but I would venture to say that 
     all of us could find SOMEthing that happened (or didn't) due to it 
     that we would be awefully unthankfull for had it occured.  I also have 
     found most long term diabetics have a much different view of life than 
     others (as I've told many people: most people have to THINK and ACT to 
     commit suicide.  I have to THINK and ACT to stop my body from it).

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