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[IP] Just returned from my overnight at E.R.

     Oh well, my once a year 'curse' seems to never depart.
     Spent last night in Long Island Jewish medical Emergency Room, having 
     been taken in by TWO sets of techs (when the first ambulence didn't 
     arrive within 'n' minutes they sent out a second on search and 
     My sugars started climbing around 8PM.  By 10:30, with additional 
     Humalog as basals and bolus (not rocket fuel for me, seems basically 
     to be slightly faster and slightly shorter Humulin in my use) I hit 
     around 370.  My wife, by now, was saying I should go to hospital to 
     get hooked to heart monitor and let them help me regain balence 
     (expecially as my moods go NUTTY when I have mega changes in blood 
     sugar quickly AND I'm unaware of hypoglycemia).
     At this point I change insulin, tubing and site.  by 11:15 sugar hits 
     470.  Even I start to think 'HMMMM, maybe it IS time to visit ER'.
     By time ambulance gets there (they stopped at a house a few houses 
     down the block first, after taking about 25 minutes to get there) my 
     sugar had already backed down to 350.  By the time they were done with 
     vitals and the second ambulance arrived, back to 390.  So off I went.
     Over the next two hours hospital did NOTHING other than ask me some 
     questions and put me to bed.  I started bolus/basal adjustments to 
     regain control and by 2:30AM had a sugar of 90!  Of course, at 3:30 I 
     had a 45, so Doc hits me with IV glucose, shooting me to 212.  2 units 
     and 90 minutes later, 180, a few hours later 125.
     Anyway hospital all upset that i did all my own adjustments.  They 
     also did NOT bring me morning meds so (fortuneatly) I had own with me. 
     They were blazing mad that I didn't let them control things (and that 
     I refused to eat their breakfast due to its very non-kosher nature) 
     and mostly that I didn't wait (forever) for hospital medication (at 
     least I TOLD them what I was doing rather than just do it).
     Sorry for this long diatribe.  Fortuneatly you have between 13 and 19 
     months before you'll have to suffer through chapter 22 of 'Love of 
     Hospital' the story of a diabetic man who cannot stomach contact with 
     people who claim to be medical personel but know less about diabetes 
     that his five and a half year old daughter.  (she KNOWS what an 
     insulin pump looks like, knows how to give me a bolus and knows that 
     it stays attached all the time.  She also knows how it is filled, 
     having seen a 'demo' a few hundred times in last few years).

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