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Re: [IP] Re:Lifescan's "One Touch" software

Estes71 wrote:
> I have experence with the One Touch software, and it is really great to
> compile blood sugar readings for graphing and record keeping purposes.  I
> really like not having to write down any of my blood sugars.  The doctor that
> I see (endo.) really likes the readability of the charts.  I bought the
> program for $59.95 along with one touch points.  They also have wonderful tech
> support.  The only problems I have found with the program is the compatibility
> of the readings.  The program has its own format for displaying the readings
> so it is impossable to export the data into another spreadsheet program. 

Not really. There IS an "Export/Import" item in the File menu that lets you
export the information as a comma delimited ASCII text file. I just tried it,
making a file to be read by MicroSoft Excel. It worked, once I set the import
functions of Excel correctly, except that for some reason the Times column
wasn't read, just filled with "#". Probably didn't do it quite right, it may 
vary with other spreadsheets.

> also makes it impossible to fax from my own PC.  If anyone has had more
> success in this then I, please respond.  I would recomend it this program as I
> feel it is a good piece of software.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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