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> recommend that they go on the pump. Are their many people out there who
>ASKED to go onto pump therapy and had their endos. say no.

Sort of. My diabetes clinic thought my control was good. Maybe it was.
But they weren't concerned that I was unhappy, and that annoyed me. So I
took myself to see a private diabetes specialist and had a very long
chat. He suggested some changes, these didn't work, and I then announced
to him that I was going on a pump. He knew little about pumps, but had
no option. So I am now his first pump patient. He's learning, and I'm
teaching. From seeing my experiences, he's about to start another
patient on a pump.

If your doctor is unenthusiastic, it's probably because he's unfamiliar
with it. If you want to stay with him, then tell him you'll be his first
pump user. He'll soon be converted.

Having good control already is NOT a reason for not using a pump. With a
pump you will get the same good or better control, but lead a fuller and
more flexible life. You may also escape the NPH depression that hung
over me for 21 years!

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