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Re: [IP] Re: drawbacks

> How do you make the switch to shots? Do you work backwards- add 25% more
> units etc...
> Rona

No, basically you are switching to MDI (almost). Whether it is for a 
few hours or days, you can treat it just like pumping since you are 
carbo counting and matching your insulin to food and basal 
requirements instead of the other way around.

Inject enough R every 4 hours to cover your basal rate and bolus 
(inject ) for meals with H or R (whatever you normally use) the same 
amount you would have bolused with a pump.

The trick is nighttime.  If you don't mind waking at 2:00 am, you can 
skip the NPH and simply inject your basal requirements, and again 
when you wake in the morning.

My daughter has used this scheme for as long as three ( almost 4 ) 
days at a time and it has worked very well with nice flat bg's.

Likewise, for long days with sport activities that make not having a 
pump a good idea ( beach days, skindiving, white water rafting ) she 
simply injects her basal requirements ( using R, she pumps H ) and 
only reconnects her pump to eat and bolus.

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