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Re: [IP] One basal rate (was :Doctors needing control)

On  7 Mar 98 at 9:38, Janine Shea wrote:

> Judy
> Yes, My  doctor switched me to one basal rate from 4.  All his patients are
> on one.  He thinks more than one rate is just pump companies trying to sell
> new pumps with more than one rate.  I think this is ridiculous.

I think he sounds like a "mail order" doctor... have you verified 
that he actually attended a real medical school and passed his 
boards?   He appears to know less about human metabolism than my 
dentist!  When I went to see him a couple of weeks ago we talked 
about the pump and he commented that it must be nice to be able to 
vary the dosage rates to match what your body needs at that time of 

> He is the top pump doctor in my area and recently co-published the only
> Humalog study there has been done (he said, I don't know.)

If he is the "top" pump doctor then we're all in a lot of trouble.  
I'd question the accuracy of his Humalog study too, based on his lack 
of understanding of the basal rates and the fact that there are many 
mentions of Humalog studies in the literature.

> Some people do use one basal rate and are fine.  I wasn't so I switched
> back to 4 and am now doctorless.

With a person who claims to be a doctor dispensing such bad advice 
you're better with no doctor...  of course you do need to get in 
contact with someone who actually understands diabetes and rational 
treatment of it.  We all need someone to give us new ideas and to 
help evaluate our treatment plans.

Randall Winchester

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