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[IP] Re: Parental support

I was 15 when diagnosed and my dad (a veterinarian) had made a joke about me
being diabetic when on a trip I needed to go to the bathroom again.  2
months later when I had lost 20 pounds while eating like a pig he thought I
might have worms.  He told me that he should have recognize the warning
signs of diabetes earlier.  There are no diabetics in the family (my mother
finally found one but very, very distant).  My parents were very supportive
but also let me take responsibility for my care.  My dad gave me my shots
for about 1 week until I got up enough courage to do it myself.  I tease him
that I got tired of getting my shots like the cows & horses.  My mom says
she gave me a shot but I don't recall that.  She got me up on weekends to
eat breakfast and worked with the Exchange diet.

My family doctor moved right after I was diagnosed and they took me to a
pediatrician in Billings (210 miles away).  They tell me that I didn't like
him at all (I don't remember that either) so they didn't take me back.  Our
town finally got another doctor (from India).  His idea of a complete
physical was to check my blood glucose and ask if I had any problems.  I
pretty much took the initiative to adjust my insulin (1 shot of NPH) early
on.  The first summer my mom took me to Missoula (clear across the state)
for an education program and then delivered me to Glacier National Park
where I worked for 8 weeks.  I guess they trusted me enough to take care of
myself.  I never did go to any camps for diabetics.  I did a lot of reading
and later told my doctor I wanted to go to multiple shots.  I didn't go see
a doctor on a regular basis and probably only do now because my doctor tells
me as I am leaving to get an appointment (it's very hard to get in to see
him).  My parents were great and I think I will send them a copy of this
letter to let them know how great I think they are!


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