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Re: [IP] Buddy's problem, heh.... heh...


Ravi has a problem with his 2 hour after breakfast bg also.  We solved
his problem by raising his basal rate for the period before he wakes up
that coincides with his 10 AM bg test.  Ravi is resistant to insulin,
even on H, so that means Ravi's 10 AM bg is responding to the insulin he
got between 6 and 7 AM.  So his basal from 5-7 AM is higher than the rest
of the day.  I'm sure YMMV because everyone is not alike.  Changing the
bolus ratio at breakfast did not help because that insulin takes hold on
Ravi closer to noon.

Rose(aka Ravi's mom who knows the pump has made a world of difference in
this 10 year old boy!)

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