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Re: [IP] One basal rate (was :Doctors needing control)

>Yes, My  doctor switched me to one basal rate from 4.  All his patients are
>on one.  He thinks more than one rate is just pump companies trying to sell
>new pumps with more than one rate.  I think this is ridiculous.

Yes Judy, I agree. I was lucky enough to get in to see a "good pump doctor".
After faxing my BG's to him for four weeks he told me to quit counting carbs
and take a 14 unit bolus in the morning, a 10 unit bolus at noon, and a 12
unit bolus at night! I asked his nurse over the phone what I was supposed to
do try and eat to stay up with all the insulin?!!! After I refused to follow
his directions I got a letter from him informing me that "Since he was not
making an impact on my BG's I should find another doctor.. Hot dog! Impact.
. . . All of my BG's were below 50 most of the time.
    I do wonderful with my Family Doctor and my friends on the internet.

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