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[IP] One basal rate (was :Doctors needing control)


Yes, My  doctor switched me to one basal rate from 4.  All his patients are
on one.  He thinks more than one rate is just pump companies trying to sell
new pumps with more than one rate.  I think this is ridiculous.

He is the top pump doctor in my area and recently co-published the only
Humalog study there has been done (he said, I don't know.)

Some people do use one basal rate and are fine.  I wasn't so I switched
back to 4 and am now doctorless.


>I found this letter confusing.  Her doctor switched her to one basal rate?
>This isn't even close to being logical.  Think about it.  You sleep and night,
>requiring a different amount of insulin then when you're busy during the day.
>I am on 5 different basal rates.  I'm not sure if this is really a case of a
>Dr. needing control or of general incompentance.  I've worked with Drs. for 20
>years now.  I participated in the DCCT study for almost 8 years.  One basal
>rate seems.....well.....there is something wrong with this picture.......
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/