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For what it's worth ...

I have been diabetic for around 41 - 42 years now and also have no

When my doc and I discussed pumping (it was originally *his* thought, by
the way) we spent much of the discussions talking about lifestyle,
flexibility, etc. Improved control and lessening of complications (non
existent, as I stated) were also discussed, but were factored into the
decision with no more weight assigned to them than the other factors.

Most folks here will probably respond with different stories, but one
common theme might be "Seek the guidance of someone who is at least open to
the discussion of pump therapy". It sounds like your discussions may be one
sided (yours) and your doc may be a bit stuck in her ways. Your situation
may be complicated a bit by what you admit to be a "good relationship" with
your current doc - this sometimes makes asserting your rights for full
information and discussion of alternative therapies a bit more difficult.

Just a thought ...


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>Hi Everyone,
>It sounds to me like most people on this list had their endo/physicians
>recommend that they go on the pump. Are their many people out there who
>ASKED to go onto pump therapy and had their endos. say no. My endos
>attitude is that I am in very good control and why would I want to play
>around with that having gone almost 28 years now without
>complications.(not to mention the cost involved she would say) 
>The other problem being, I do think the world of my doctor since I have
>been going to here since I was a kid and her support means a lot. 
>Has anyone else encountered this sort of problem trying to get onto the
>Does anyone else deal with Women's College Hospital in Toronto?
>Bye for now,
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/