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   I have reciently encountered the same problem.  I change my doctor until I
found one who listened. I felt that switching to a pump was the right choice
for me.  Many Of my doctors told me that I was "too well controlled" for the
pump.  But with bg's of 180-210 every morning, I disagreed with them.  Another
problem was getting an insurance company to pay for the pump as well.  My
husband and I have now changed companies, and I am waiting until April to
return to my original family internist - who has already told me he is
thrilled to give me the correct documentation for our new insurance company to
pay 100% !!  You need to stick with it and hang on for the wild ride that the
doctors and insurance company.  You will probably get rejected once, but be
firm.  The research is on your side and will win out. 
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