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Re: [IP] What's That Wire?

Hi Joanne

I had many of the same concerns as I am an officer in a bank and wear a
suit as a matter of routine.  I have the Minimed 507 and wear it clipped
to my waistband with the tubing tucked into my skirt or my stockings.
Some days the tubing just seem to roam if I don't tuck it in the
stokings, some days not...go figure, I guess its just an agravation
factor.  Tucking the tubing in stockings has not caused any dificulties
for me.  My main concession was the addition of belts to my suits. 
Generally wide elastic web ones.  I found that skirts tend to rotate
when off balanced with the pump.  The belt stays put, or if it moves
it's not as bad as having you skirt do a dance around your body ;)  As i
am in a suit the jacket generally covers the pump so I don't get many
questions about it.

With jeans I like the belt loop that Minimed sells.  Women have waists
which are not intended to hang onto things stuck to belts!  When I was
active I would worry about it popping off the belt.  The belt loop is
basically as pouch that the pump fits into that clips to your belt
loop.  It is firmly attached but swings off your hip.  No more pokes in
the waist when bending and no possiblity of it falling off.

Hope this helps!  Good luck and enjoy the pump when you get it.

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J. Richardson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a little concerned with regard to dressing while wearing a pump as
> well. (I am still in the decision stage of going onto pump therapy) I
> guess my main concern is whether or not I can dress in the same fashion
> I am used to dressing. (mainly at the office) Is there any problems
> wearing a tailored suit? I understand the pump will clip onto my belt or
> whatever, I don't really care if anyone see's it. I might care if the
> tubing is hanging out though. Should this even be a concern? Would the
> tubing ever be showing, except for a couple of inches?
> I assume there is no problem tucking a t-shirt into a pair of jeans
> with  a belt. Does the tubing get squashed, possibly causing an
> interruption of insulin delivery?
> More silly questions from Joanne.
> Thanks for listening
> p.s. hopefully a decision should be made in the next 4 weeks or so
> whether to do this or not. Seeing my endo. March 10. (This should be a
> fun visit!)
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/