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[IP] Re: Subject line ????

>You may blame the medical community for not teaching you what you felt you
>needed to know about your diabetes. I've been a nurse for 20 yrs and a
>diabetic for 16 yrs.  Through personal and professional experience,
>learns at different levels.  I was pretty resistant to even accepting the
>that I had diabetes.  I knew what it meant and I was positive the docs had
>made a mistake.  It took me over 3 yrs to accept my diagnosis. Surprised?
>Here I am, the professional, and I didn't want to hear about a disease that
>was denying I had.  The point is...you need to look at your own learning
>curve, stop blaming others and get on with your education.  I learn new
>about my diabetes everyday.  Patients love the fact that I can empathize
>what they go through.  I'm not trying to be hard on you, it's just hard to
>blamed for everything that goes wrong in a patients life.  Most of us do
>best we can.  As you know, it is impossible to keep up with all the new and
>fast-breaking technology going on in diabetes today. Most places that I
>out of the good ole' USof A have no idea what a pump is.  The Drs. on a
>I was just on, weren't even aware of the pump.  If it isn't that health
>professional's specialty, they just don't have the background to do
>appropriate teaching.
>Judy P.

    Yes, what Judy said. Watch out Judy. . . . Sara will have a Barbie doll
with your name on it sticking rusty nails and pins. . . . LOL
    I completely agree that especially today it is very difficult for the
medical community to stay abreast of all the new and innovative products and
procedures that are blessing us. It takes a special person, and one with
special interests to focus on one particular aspect. (I am really straining
this "hick" education) I think we should consider ourselves lucky when we
happen to meet one of these professionals that have concentrated on exactly
what we need and were at the right place in time to meet them. This old
world may not be the best place to live all the time but it is a Great place
most of the time. Praise the Lord you were lucky enough to make it to this
point. I do. . . . .
    I appreciate all the people, and you know who you are, for spending the
biggest part of your time making life easier for all the folks, young and
old, that have more than their share to carry.

Have a GREAT week-end,

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