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Re: [IP] Buddy's reply to Profile

You may blame the medical community for not teaching you what you felt you
needed to know about your diabetes. I've been a nurse for 20 yrs and a
diabetic for 16 yrs.  Through personal and professional experience, everyone
learns at different levels.  I was pretty resistant to even accepting the fact
that I had diabetes.  I knew what it meant and I was positive the docs had
made a mistake.  It took me over 3 yrs to accept my diagnosis. Surprised?
Here I am, the professional, and I didn't want to hear about a disease that I
was denying I had.  The point is...you need to look at your own learning
curve, stop blaming others and get on with your education.  I learn new things
about my diabetes everyday.  Patients love the fact that I can empathize with
what they go through.  I'm not trying to be hard on you, it's just hard to be
blamed for everything that goes wrong in a patients life.  Most of us do the
best we can.  As you know, it is impossible to keep up with all the new and
fast-breaking technology going on in diabetes today. Most places that I visit
out of the good ole' USof A have no idea what a pump is.  The Drs. on a cruise
I was just on, weren't even aware of the pump.  If it isn't that health care
professional's specialty, they just don't have the background to do
appropriate teaching.
Judy P.
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/