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Re: [IP] Rough weekend...

I have two comments to make.  Never, ever, ever pack your insulin supplies in
your luggage.  It must be carried on a plane.  I have traveled all over the
world with this pump.  You should see the looks I got in China!  They really
thought I was important. The point is, I've had my luggage lost twice (both
times flying from Chicago to San Diego).  Never part with your supplies!  My
second comment is I've had the same problem calling Minimed's 1-800 #.  One
gal actually got her feelings hurt because I wasn't polite enough for her.  My
blood sugar was over 500.  I have gone into DKA 4 times in my life.  Believe
me, I was panicky.  I wasn't quite myself and here she was worried about
herself!  Another time I was at the zoo (exactly two weeks after I started on
the pump).  The alarm went off and I freaked, of course.  I call the emergency
number and the lady answering the phone tells me the male nurse who was on
call was already off.  I waited half an hour.  The security people at the zoo
were freaking out because they could hear the alarm.  Finally, I just gave
myself a sub-q injection using the insulin in the reservoir.  Now, of course,
I would have done things differently.  By the way, the problem was the tubing
was totally clogged because I had reconnected at a beach after waverunning and
got sand in the tubing!
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