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Re: [IP] Marilyn - Disetronic, Minmed or MDI

MADKT wrote:

> Katie, Thanx for your advice, but what is the square wave bolus?  Could you
> tell
> me the pros and the cons of each one.  This would be extremely helplful.
> Also,
> can you give yourself insulin without looking, using buttons on the pump?
> Does
> your pump only use military time?   Thank you again for answering my
> questions!
> Do you use only Humalog?Marilyn
> Marilyn,
> First, I suggest you call Disetronic at 800-688-4578 and ask for an
> information video and pack. Someone on the list can supply the Minimed number
> to do the same.
> Second, before I even post this, I'm sure someone with a Minimed will explain
> exactly how the square wave bolus works. Or you can find it on the HowTo list
> on the Insulin Pumpers webpage. (Your email address is the pass word.) I do
> not know the mechanics of the Minimed as I have a Disetronic.
> So, here's the Disetronic version:
>      Some foods take longer to break down than others. Or when you eat foods
> with high fat content it slows the breakdown. Or if you eat too much. Which
> means, you do not want all your insulin for the meal to hit at once. With
> Disetronic I use some ratio that works for me similar to 1/2 of the bolus at
> the beginning of the meal and the rest spread out over a period of time. I do
> this by changing the basal rate (temporarily) which the Disetronic has a
> simple program for.
>      For me personally, my biggest challenge is not over eating at night. Or
> down right piggin' out. If I eat a high fat lunch, I just give myself a few
> extra units a half hour after the meal, then check my bgs an hour after that.
> And adjust if necessary.
> But at night, I don't want to stay awake so . . . for example, last night I
> ate a ton of sushi. Very little fat but a lot of carbs for my bod to handle.
> Three hours later I went to bed. During the three hours, I took extra insulin
> and tested twice. When I went to bed I was at 100. But I knew I would continue
> to use all that rice so I used the Temporary Basal Rate to increase the
> insulin I'd receive by 20% for the next 12 hours. I actually turned it off
> when I got up in the morning about 6 hours later. I was 125. Excellent!
> Now, there is a beep every 1/2 hour when you use a temporary basal rate.
> Disetronic has a way to turn the beep off which I do only when I use it at
> night.
> As for giving myself insulin without looking, no problem. Each time you press
> a button it gives a beep. If it is too noisy or you've turned off the beeper,
> it is still easy to count the times I've depressed the button b/c the button
> takes a fair amount of pressure to depress. That way you can't do it
> accidentally either.
> My pump is set on military time. I'm not sure if I can change that or not. I'd
> have to check my instruction book.
> As for considering the pump (Disetronic or Minimed), I can't think of a single
> reason not too get a pump but a million and one why you should. You can read
> in the archives testament after testament of the improvement in life style and
> quality of life. Let alone limiting those terrible complications. The
> inconviences are far far out weighed by the control provided by this system.
> For me, the hassel of carrying insulin and taking shots alone were as great a
> hassel as wearing the pump. Then you tack on the benefits and there is no
> question. When insurance said they wouldn't pay, my husband and I created a
> budget so that we could pay for it ourselves. Luckily, insurance came through
> in the end and I was able to buy this computer. I'd give up my computer and
> drive a $500 car before giving up my pump. Actually, if it were a real life
> choice between my pump and my car (I live in Houston and there is no other way
> around), I'd give up my car.
> I only caution people to realize that it is not a cure, you must still
> maintain your diet, exercise and insulin in order to have good control. The
> difference is that all of the above is easier to do and the level of control
> is vastly improved.
> Katie
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

  Katie,  Thank you for all your advice!  How long have you had diabetes?  I've
had it for 10 years. I got it when I got pregnant and it didn't go away.  Pretty
unusual. I've had my kids blood tested to see if they have any risk of developing
diabetes.  Have you heard of the nose insulin spray.  I heard it will be very

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/